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The safety protection function of the controller of elderly car
2018-06-26 10:49:52

The controller is composed of peripheral devices and main chips (or single chip computers). Peripheral devices are some functional devices, such as execution, sampling, etc. They are the resistance, sensor, bridge switch circuit, and auxiliary single chip or integrated circuit to complete the control process devices; Microcontroller, also known as microcontroller, is a computer chip that integrates memory, decoder with transform signal language, driver circuit of sawtooth wave generator and pulse width modulation function circuit, input and output port, etc. on an integrated chip. This is the intelligent controller of the old car

The controller is the equivalent of a car’s driving computer, which needs to be programmed with a handheld programmer. Do not run the motor over heat protection when the circuit fails. Do not start vehicle protection during charging.

The computer protection function when starting the vehicle. It can prevent the vehicle from starting up suddenly because of accelerator or wrong operation when the controller is powered on. When push is allowed, the electromagnetic brake will be released. If the brake is not applied when going downhill, the controller will limit the taxi speed of the vehicle according to the set value.

The controller has the function of temperature compensation and over-temperature protection, so that the regenerative braking current will not decrease due to the temperature rise, so as to ensure the safety of the vehicle when it goes downhill for a long time.